Dear Brigantine Schools’ Community:

It is my pleasure to welcome the entire school community to the start of the 2017-2018 school year!  The  Brigantine District staff has been working feverishly over the summer to prepare for September and the return of the students and staff.  This includes various work on curriculums, digital learning opportunities and support devices, and facilities’ improvements.  We are looking forward to everyone’s return!

This letter gives me the opportunity to share some common goals and objectives for our District schools.  These focus points are embedded in the District Strategic Plan 2014-2019 which continue as the foundational planning elements for now and the future.  As a reminder, the Strategic Plan 2014-2019 was a collaborative school and community effort that emphasized safety and security, digital learning opportunities, critical thinking, enhancing a culture of learning, social awareness, communication, fostering the development of the whole child, and more.  To those ends, we continue to move forward in the following ways.    

As we develop and refine our ELA programming for students, we have once again offered necessary support and professional growth opportunities for staff.  Our Writer’s Workshop implementation has expanded into both schools with support through summer PD sessions and ELA curriculum updates.  Our staff attended and was trained by an outside expert in Writer’s Workshop and Leveled Reading implementation.  This work cements the classroom instructional practices for the coming year and beyond.  Program data results show the positive trends from these initiatives.  

Year two implementation occurs within grades K-5 this year.  As stated on the NJDOE website, “The science standards are designed to help realize a vision for education in the sciences and engineering in which students, over multiple years of school, actively engage in scientific and engineering practices and apply crosscutting concepts to deepen their understanding of the core ideas in these fields.” (pp. 8-9, NRC, 2012).

Grades three through five math teachers worked with a professional development facilitator from Rowan University to realign math course sequencing and discuss resources for meeting the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the rigor for math instruction.  This was coordinated through a data review of our programs and dovetails with the grades six through eight redesign and curriculum update from previous years.  These updates and instructional refocusing extend our practices to meet student skill development and learning expectations. 

The Google Chromebook initiative will continue with three new carts for the District.  Chromebooks have become a cost-effective way of getting technology directly into the hands of students.   A new firewall and additional network switches were installed this summer.   Among many of the tasks a firewall performs on a constant basis are content filtering, malware scanning, and virus protection.  Newer server technology will allow almost all current processes and files to be consolidated onto just two devices.  These servers will also house “virtual” servers to perform tasks that, in the past, needed an additional, costly server to run.

The District facilities look amazing!  New VCT flooring was installed in the Elementary School common areas and hallways.  New carpeting was installed in the kindergarten rooms as well as CST offices in both buildings.  The track was resurfaced, lined, and sealed and a new preschool and kindergarten common playground is being installed replacing the existing kindergarten playground.  The Middle School C-21 restrooms were renovated to create a single common ADA compliant restroom facility.  Within the schools, many of middle and elementary halls and common areas were painted to give a fresh new look to the buildings.  All of these projects were completed or are in the process of being finalized as well as the regular building maintenance projects. 

Wellness initiatives for students and staff are becoming a foundational effort of our programs and initiatives.  The Brigantine School District has consistently promoted and supported the development of the whole child when planning and designing curricular and co-curricular activities.  We will continue to offer a whole-child approach while expanding opportunities within the schools for student wellness and staff wellness activities.  This is part of our intiatives to promote healthy lifestyles, improve student focus and achievement, and support the ideas of physical, social, and emotional wellness for all school community members.

The start of the school year always brings the energy and enthusiasm of new opportunities in teaching and learning.  Our work toward preparing children for their future is well on its way.  These initiatives are just a piece of the larger mission our District.  We look forward to continuing to serve our schools and community by developing well-prepared, socially aware, global citizens.  Enjoy the year! 


Yours Truly,


Brian M. Pruitt
Superintendent of Schools   

301 East Evans Blvd. | Brigantine, NJ 08203 | District 609-266-1599 | Elementary 609-264-9501 | Middle 609-266-3603